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New Hampshire Adopts 2011 National Electrical Code

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The New Hampshire State Building Code Review Board (BCRB) recently voted to adopt the 2011 National Electrical Code® (NEC) with one amendment, effective July 1. The amendment is a modification made during the last cycle to Section 210.5 (C) Identification for Branch Circuits.


The amendment deletes the phrase “by phase or line,” which eliminates the requirement of re-identifying the conductors when phases are changed for load balance or motor rotation. The amendment also adds the phrase “where accessible,” which requires the identification of the voltage systems only where they are accessible and not everywhere they are visible, such as every single junction box and every termination point.


During testimony, it was suggested that adoption be delayed another six months. One issue specifically mentioned was the new requirement in 690.11, which will require arc-fault protection for certain photovoltaic systems.


The concern was that if the code were adopted July 1, some businesses and distributors with non-compliant equipment in stock would no longer be able to sell their inventory. Those speaking in favor of the July 1 effective date pointed out that the National Fire Protection Association is currently accepting proposals to the 2014 code until November 4, and that other New England states have already adopted the 2011 NEC.


Jack Lyons, Field Representative | Jack.Lyons@nema.org​.


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