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Motors Shipments Show Robust Growth in First Quarter of 2014

6/19/2014 11:00 AM

Motors shipments climbed sharply during the first quarter of 2014, as measured by NEMA’s Motors Shipments Index, posting an increase of 9 percent (q/q). On a year-over-year basis the index is up 2.8 percent, and has more than regained territory lost during the previous three consecutive quarters. Shipments of fractional horsepower motors led the way with an increase of 37 percent (q/q), while integral horsepower motors grew at a more modest rate of 7.6 percent (q/q).

NEMA is the association of electrical equipment and medical imaging manufacturers, founded in 1926 and headquartered in Rosslyn, Virginia. Its 400-plus member companies manufacture a diverse set of products including power transmission and distribution equipment, lighting systems, factory automation and control systems, and medical diagnostic imaging systems. Total U.S. shipments for electroindustry products exceed $100 billion annually.

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