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More Evidence Grid-Scale Batteries will soon be Cost-Effective

03/19/2014 11:00AMSign-up to receive press releases.

Quick Take: Battery costs have been declining gradually for years. Now there is growing evidence that we may soon see a steeper drop. One reason -- increased competition, not just between companies, but between battery chemistries as well, as reported in Windpower Engineering & Development. –Jesse Berst

The variability of renewable energy makes it hard to keep the grid stable. We could solve that if we had large batteries. However, grid-scale energy storage rarely pencils out–it is too expensive for all but the most high-value applications.

That may be changing soon. One new battery company, EOS, claims it will soon sell batteries for $200-$250 per kilowatt hour. EOS says that figure may soon drop to $160 per kWh.

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Source: Smart Grid News


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