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Lighting Science Group Appoints James Haworth as CEO

05/12/2011 11:00AMSign-up to receive press releases.

Lighting Science Group announced that it has hired James Haworth, former Philips Professional Luminaires North America head of marketing and strategy and former chief executive officer of JJI Lighting Group, to the position of chief executive officer.

“Our company’s CEO must be both a realist and an idealist—someone who combines an astute understanding of the business realities facing the LED lighting industry with an extraordinary vision for Lighting Science Group’s future as a revolutionary game-changer within that industry,” said Rich Weinberg, chairman of Lighting Science Group and co-managing partner of Pegasus Capital Advisers. “So, frankly, the decision was simple. In our field, we believe there is no one more knowledgeable or better networked than Jim Haworth. Everyone at Lighting Science Group is confident that his transition to the helm will be seamless, and furthermore, that his energy, ingenuity, and industry insight will chart a lucrative course for the company in the coming years.”

For the past three years, Haworth was responsible for all upstream marketing functions of Philips’ lighting business and managed Philips’ mergers and acquisitions activities. He served concurrently as the president and CEO of JJI Lighting Group, overseeing its general management, operations, finance, and manufacturing. Selling JJI in 2006 to Genlyte Group, Haworth supervised the company’s acquisition and implementation; Genlyte was subsequently purchased by Philips in 2008.

“From the outside, I’ve admired Lighting Science Group’s ability to identify and recruit top-tier design and scientific talent that has led to their rapid development of breakthrough products and placed them at the forefront of the fast growing LED revolution,” said James Haworth. “The company maintains a rare agility that consistently outperforms the competition not only in the inventiveness and quality of its products, but in their ability to maneuver within the marketplace to create new business opportunities. Furthermore, the company has partnered with outstanding industry leaders around the world, expanding their technical capabilities and granting them extensive channel access. I consider joining Lighting Science Group a special privilege.”


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