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Industry News

Industry News highlights press releases from our members. Sign-up to receive press releases.

Qualifications for free publishing:

Press releases may be sent to the Industry News inbox for consideration.

News items must involve a NEMA member company, and the topic should be an executive personnel appointment, contract award, acquisition, or award.

Industry News Guidelines:

  • Mergers & acquisitions (a member purchases a company or sells off part of the company or is itself acquired)
  • Appointments (a member names a new president, CEO, etc.)
  • Awards (a member has received an award from a magazine, etc. for its performance.
  • Contracts (a member wins a monetary contract to build a power plant etc. for another company)
  • Feel-good stories like members making donations to hurricane relief, building a school for underprivileged children, etc.
  • We do not do product announcements (Smith Electric Introduces its New Turbo Welding Widget)

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