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Image Sensing Systems Names Mike Doyle to Board of Directors

04/21/2011 9:00AMSign-up to receive press releases.

Image Sensing Systems, Inc. (ISS) announced that it has appointed Michael C. Doyle to its Board of Directors. The board intends to nominate Doyle for election by the shareholders at the upcoming Annual Meeting of Shareholders to be held in May. The addition of Doyle brings the number of ISS directors to seven.

Doyle is the chairman and chief executive officer of Econolite Group, Inc., and a partner in the law firm of Stone & Doyle. He was recently the chairman of ITS America. Prior to joining Econolite in 1978, he was a partner in the public accounting firm Alexander Grant & Company (a predecessor to Grant Thornton LLP).

Jim Murdakes, chairman, said, “We are pleased to have Mike join our board. His presence will add to the strength of our 20-year partnership with Econolite, and we will benefit from his extensive industry knowledge and connections as well as from his experience in executive management, finance, and legal matters.”

Doyle added, “I’d like to echo Jim’s comments on the ISS-Econolite partnership. I firmly believe that both companies will see added benefit by our closer association.”


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