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Emerson to Provide Technologies for New Oil Terminal in Southern Iraq

01/17/2011 9:00AMSign-up to receive press releases.

Iraq’s South Oil Company has awarded Emerson Process Management a contract to provide crude oil metering systems and related technologies for the new Al-Basra Oil Terminal now under construction in the Persian Gulf. The new terminal, which includes both onshore and offshore facilities, will boost Iraq’s oil export capacity by 2.7 million barrels per day.

Emerson’s Daniel® metering systems will measure the amount of oil as custody is transferred from producers to shippers through the Al-Basra terminal. The systems combine innovative ultrasonic measurement technology with diagnostic software that can detect potential problems before they affect accuracy.

“We were impressed by Emerson’s ability to provide the accurate, reliable measurement that users of the Al-Basra Oil Terminal will expect,” said Oday Nadir Abdul Kareem Al-Quoraishi, South Oil Company’s project manager. “The Emerson team’s industry experience, their measurement expertise, and their proven capability to meet the needs of customers in the Middle East made Emerson the logical choice for this complex project.”

The Daniel metering systems will be part of an integrated solution that also includes Emerson’s Rosemount®, Micro Motion®, Roxar, and Daniel measurement instruments; EIM valve actuators; Daniel meter-verification technology; and DanPac™ measurement and control systems with Daniel flow computers and DeltaV™ controllers and software. Engineering work is already in progress, with project completion expected in 2013.

“These metering systems will, in effect, serve as a ‘cash register’ that provides an accurate accounting of the oil that changes hands through the Al-Basra Oil Terminal,” said Steve Sonnenberg, president, Emerson Process Management. “We are gratified to be chosen for such an important role in the terminal’s success and welcome this opportunity to expand our participation in the growth of Iraq’s economy.”


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