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Deco Lighting Helps Tempe Save Energy with New Dark Sky Friendly Induction Lighting

02/9/2011 8:00AMSign-up to receive press releases.

Deco Lighting's new induction lighting fixtures were selected by the city of Tempe, Arizona, to replace inefficient outdoor streetlighting. The new lighting provides Tempe with 50% energy savings, 100,000 hour lamp life for long term maintenance savings, more natural white color illumination, and better visibility for citizen safety. The Deco Lighting D829i Acorn style decorative streetlights adhere to Dark Sky friendly requirements established by the IDA (International Dark Sky Association) to eliminate unnecessary skyward light.

“The driving force behind the replacement is they are more energy efficient and provide a lot better lighting. They also have zero maintenance for roughly 20 years,” said Alan Rady, Tempe Public Works lighting systems coordinator.

Induction lighting uses far fewer kilowatts per hour than the existing HPS (high-pressure sodium) lights, resulting in estimated annual energy cost savings of $46,965. Because the HPS fixtures require relamping every three years, the substantially longer life of the new lamps will save the city an additional $24,000 in annual maintenance costs.

Funding for the new 2,000 fixture induction lighting system is paid for by federal stimulus money. Tempe was awarded funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.


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