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Baptist Health of Northeast Florida Acquires Brainsuite iMRI and iCT Digitally Integrated ORs

04/12/2011 9:00AMSign-up to receive press releases.

Baptist Health of Northeast Florida will now offer imaging during pediatric and adult brain surgery and non-surgical radiosurgical procedures with the Brainlab Brainsuite® iMRI (intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging), featuring the GE Healthcare 1.5T Optima™ MR450w wide-bore scanner, and Brainsuite® iCT (intraoperative computed tomography), featuring the Siemens Somatom® Sensation Open CT scanner.

They will be integrated into a new 11-story patient care tower scheduled to open in December 2012. Two Baptist Health hospitals—Baptist Medical Center and Wolfson Children’s Hospital—will be able to efficiently share the technology for neurosurgical procedures.

“We’re pleased to be able to provide our community with technology that can aid in the success of brain procedures,” said John Wilbanks, executive vice president and chief operating officer, Baptist Health. “Brainsuite offers the possibility that patients will need fewer procedures and have better outcomes.”

Brainsuite iMRI and iCT will create digitally integrated operating rooms that can provide intraoperative, diagnostic iMRI and iCT imaging and patient data. This will help to allow adult and pediatric neurosurgeons to determine a tumor’s location and remove additional tumor cells while avoiding critical functional areas of the brain—all during the same procedure. Rather than waiting until after surgery to determine whether a procedure has removed diseased tissue from the brain, patients can be evaluated in the OR, while still under anesthesia, and neurosurgeons can perform additional surgery if needed.

“The integration of the data from the intraoperative MRI from GE and the operative neuro-navigational suite from Brainlab will allow for the seamless flow of surgical care for the child with a brain tumor,” said Philipp Aldana, MD, chief of pediatric neurosurgery for Wolfson Children’s Hospital. “This will make it easier for the neurosurgeon to determine if the tumor has been removed completely. Completeness of brain tumor resection in children is one of the most important factors that impacts patient survival. It will be a tremendous service that we can offer our children of the region and the state as the children's hospital in the state to have an intraoperative MRI.”


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