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Acuity Brands to Contribute to a $125M West Coast Infrastructure Project

01/18/2011 9:00AMSign-up to receive press releases.

Acuity Brands announced its contribution to a Port of Los Angeles marina multi-year renovation project using its Holophane® brand of luminaires.

Located in San Pedro, California, the Port of Los Angeles is a major container terminal on the West Coast, which, together with the Port of Long Beach, forms the 6th busiest container complex in the world. Since 2004, the Port has made a substantial effort to work with local business leaders and the community to improve the waterfront, with plans for more than 7 miles of renovation from the Vincent Thomas Bridge to the Federal Breakwater.

The $125M Cabrillo Way Marina improvement project, which includes construction of roadways, promenades, parking lots, parks, and substantial harbor improvements to the aging 40-year-old marina, is the largest piece of the Bridge to Breakwater masterplan undertaken by the Port. The project, which is now in its second phase, is scheduled to be completed in August 2011.

The Holophane Sitelink® poles, with TracPole™ and TracLoc™ systems, were first introduced to the Port in 2004 by the Lighting Design Alliance. The Port quickly adopted them as standards for roadway, pedestrian, and decorative lighting, as well as for standalone signage. The Holophane design team worked closely with Lighting Design Alliance to develop a signature look and feel for the Port site lighting.

In addition to Holophane Pechina™ and GlasWerks® II Prague® luminaires, the Port also uses a historically-inspired Angel Light™ decorative luminaire, with a combination of fluorescent biax and metal halide lamping, fitted to the Sitelink pole. There are more than a hundred Sitelink poles with Pechina, Prague, or Angel Light units installed at the Port, making this one of the most extensive Sitelink installations in the United States. Acuity Brands also provided hundreds of its Hydrel® brand in-ground metal halide lights for dramatic illumination of trees, and LED well luminaires for lighting signage and art installations at the Port.


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