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Surveys and DataLink


NEMA Business Information Systems (NEMA/BIS) offers the following survey templates for use by NEMA members in reporting their economic data to the organization:


DataLink is the web-based data collection and distribution system used by NEMA/BIS for its statistical reporting. It allows NEMA members to deliver economic data securely to NEMA via the web without the hassle of downloading software. DataLink offers greater efficiency, flexibility, and control in data transfer. The system is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for participating members at https://datalink.nema.org.
NOTE: The information NEMA collects is kept completely confidential, following the strict guidelines set forth by NEMA Business Information Services. At no time is any of this data made available to the public, including consultants, nor is the data available to NEMA members other than those who report their data within an approved NEMA statistical program.


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