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Closing Keynote

Saturday, November 8

Advanced Sales and Executive Messaging

Time: 2:45 p.m.4:15 p.m.

However strong  their actual solutions offerings, most companies experience terrible difficulty with their sales MESSAGING: we simply don't know how to tell our story well. Customers routinely report that sales pitches are bland, uninspiring, sender oriented, Powerpoint-driven and, worst of all, undifferentiated between competitors. For most companies getting their sales messaging right is a key priority which promises an immediate economic return.

In this keynote, Oratium will demonstrate exactly how this problem can be solved by presenting a proprietary framework that identifies and rectifies the 6 commons mistakes made in almost all sales messaging. Their guarantee? - That applying these principles unfailingly leads to the creation of highly compelling sales messages.

As an added benefit - The Oratium model will also transform any executive's general communication skills, and many leading companies now use it both for their sales messaging and as a core component of their leadership development program. Hence, this invigorating session will forever change the way you think about communications.

Here is NEMA's Don Leaven's take on the Oratium approach:

"Oratium’s workshop was the most exhilarating, captivating, entertaining and educational session I have ever experienced. This should be mandatory training for everyone. I took away incredibly valuable tools to improve my presentations dramatically. This is way more valuable and practical than the typical speech training sessions. Amazingly, I was energized at the end of the day instead of drained. They practice what they preach.

This was the most valuable human capital building day I have had since graduation decades ago. Thank you for arranging this unforgettable event.

―Don Leavens, Vice President and (award-winning) Chief Economist, National Electrical Manufacturers Association

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