The Association of Electrical Equipment and Medical Imaging Manufacturers
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Readership Highlights

Readership encompasses:

  • 10% member companies
  • 90% non-members, including other associations, academia, architecture, automotive/aerospace, education, cement products, chemical and petroleum industries, financial management, government, military, mining, shipping, utilities, and water/water treatment

NEMA’s 400-plus member companies represent:

  • 9 electroindustry segments
  • 60 market segments
  • 56 product sections
  • cross-functional activities in Smart Grid, energy storage, industrial energy efficiency, and high performance buildings

NEMA members embody a $100+ billion domestic shipping market. Their buying power represents untapped potential for those seeking to boost sales of their products and services.

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ei Reaches the Top of the Market
Total subscriptions​* 52,336
 Readers by Occupation
Technical/Scientist/Engineer​ 65%​
Management 23%​
Sales/Marketing/Communications 10%​
​Government 10%
​Academia/student 5%​​
​Executive 3%​
Entrepreneur 3%​
​Other 9%​
Online Data
Online subscriptions​ 84%​
What Readers Read
Building systems​ 33%​
Codes and standards​ 70%​
Economics​ 18%​
Electrical safety​ 68%​
Emerging technologies​ 46%​
Energy efficiency​ 62%​
Executive level points of view 17%​
​High performance buildings 20%​
​International news 17%​
Healthcare imaging​ 6%​
Lighting​ 57%​
Motors​ 46%​
​Policy/government reports 18%​
Smart Grid, transmission, & distribution​ 45%​
Transportation (electric vehicles, communication, protocols)​ 6%​

*readership statistics as of 7.25.14

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