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Kite & Key 2012 Recipients

Kite & Key Award Winners to Shine at Illuminations Weekend

The Kite and Key Award was established in 1987 to recognize individuals who have advanced the interest of the electroindustry through active and sustained involvement in NEMA activities. This year’s winners are Daniel Kissane, Legrand Electrical Wiring Systems; Brian Monks, Underwriters Laboratories; and David Tallman, Eaton Electrical Sector.

The 2012 awards will be presented during NEMA’s 86th annual meeting, Illuminations Weekend, November 10.

Daniel Kissane
Director Codes and Standards, Legrand Electrical Wiring Systems

“Dan epitomizes the very best in a codes and standards professional. He comes to every meeting fully prepared and regularly volunteers to research arcane standard and code issues for all the product sections he’s involved with. Dan listens far more than he speaks, but when he does, his opinion is well founded and articulated.”— Andrei Moldoveanu, NEMA Technical Director

In his role at Legrand, Mr. Kissane is responsible for developing and implementing the company strategy for industry standards, technical regulatory activities, and conformity assessment issues. For 35 years, he has been involved in the development of safety standards and code requirements for a wide variety of electrical products. He has also been instrumental in developing and introducing safety standard requirements for new and improved technologies.

An active member and chair of numerous NEMA product section committees, Mr. Kissane is also a member of the NEMA Standards and Conformity Assessment Policy Committee, the Codes and Standards Committee, and has served on the Section Affairs Committee and the International and Regional Standardization Committee.

He is active in a number of organizations that develop electrical codes and standards including Underwriters Laboratories and Canadian Standards Association. Mr. Kissane has also worked with the Fire Protection Research Foundation, was a member of the National Fire Protection Association committee on Manufactured Housing, and is the NEMA representative on National Electrical Code® Code Making Panel 2 and the NEC Correlating Committee. He was instrumental in getting the requirements in the NEC, which in turn opened a large new market for NEMA products.

Brian Monks
Vice President of the Anti-Counterfeiting Operations, Underwriters Laboratories

“Under Brian’s leadership, UL developed an anti-counterfeiting strategy that maximizes the impact of limited private resources by leveraging the public resources of the government. Brian recognized that preventing counterfeit goods from entering the country was likely to have a bigger impact per dollar invested than sending people across the country to scour store shelves for the illicit product that had already passed through our ports. Thus was born the idea of the ‘public-private partnership’ to effective anti-counterfeiting.”— Clark Silcox, NEMA’s General Counsel

Mr. Monks has worked in the area of intellectual property enforcement for more than 15 years. Starting his career with UL in 1983, he had various assignments at UL’s Melville, NY office. In the late 1990’s, he became the driving force behind the creation of UL’s Anti-Counterfeiting Operations.

According to Clark Silcox, NEMA’s General Counsel, the result of UL’s strategy and continual training of law enforcement agencies’ personnel, millions of units of counterfeit product has been seized by Customs over the years.

“The successful model developed by Mr. Monks in the U.S demonstrated that it could be expanded outside the country with an additional investment in resources. The program is now in China and elsewhere and has global reach, and UL now partners with customs officials outside of the United States as well as international law enforcement groups such as INTERPOL,” Mr. Silcox said.

Mr. Monks is a frequent keynote speaker at anti-counterfeiting conferences around the world and has written numerous articles that have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Reader’s Digest, The Washington Post, and various industry publications.

His memberships and affiliations include chair, Certification Industry against Counterfeiting; co-chair, INTERPOL Intellectual Property Crime Action Group, U.S. Chamber Enforcement Task Force, and the Advisory Working Group of the National IPR Coordination Center; special advisor, NEMA’s Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force; board member, International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition; voting member, Quality Brands Protection Committee; and member of the Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network, World Customs Organization IPR Strategic Group, and NYC Mayor’s Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force.

David Tallman
Vice President of Americas Marketing—Eaton Electrical Sector

“Dave’s leadership and unwavering dedication to electrical safety have been instrumental in the evolution of our foundation as we strive to reduce electrically-related fatalities, injuries, and property loss by responding to the critical safety issues that affect today's home and workplace.” —Brett Brenner, President, ESFI

Mr. Tallman is the chairman of the Electrical Safety Foundation International, which has thrived under his visionary leadership, growing substantially in reach and impact by constantly reinvigorating the way electrical safety is addressed. Community involvements include the United Way and Hosanna Industries.

At Eaton, he is responsible for Segments, Strategic Plan Development, Pro Launch/Product Development Prioritization, and Functional Marketing Alignment. He also leads the Energy Marketing Group, Counterfeit and Grey Market Interdiction, the Power Systems Experience Center, and Eaton Certified Contractor Network Program.

Mr. Tallman joined Eaton in 1992 as Division Marketing and Development Manager following an assignment at Group Schneider as Director of Marketing and Sales. He worked at General Electric’s Lighting Business Group in various sales and marketing assignments for more than 13 years.

He’s held many positions since joining Eaton including Plant Manager of the Cleveland Tennessee Plant; Segment Director, Residential Products; Global Marketing and Sales Manager; National Sales Manager of North America; and Vice President and General Manager—Residential Products Division. He was also responsible for organizing and leading the Eaton Electrical (Americas) Stimulus (ARRA) activities and the Latin America Electrical Operations.


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