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Kite & Key 2009 Recipients

Cheryl R. English, LC, FIES
Vice President of Market and Industry Development for Acuity Brands Lighting

As vice president of market and industry development for Acuity Brands Lighting, Cheryl English is responsible for market development, energy and sustainability programs, industry and government relations, education, and marketing research. Her involvement with NEMA and her work in energy efficiency has led to this award.

Ms. English has served as chair of the NEMA Luminaire Section; vice-chair of the Lighting Division, chair of the Lighting Division, and the board of managers for the Lighting Division. In collaboration with representatives from Osram Sylvania and Advance Transformer, Ms. English established funding for the California Lighting Technology Center, which has become a vital resource for NEMA members to promote the market transformation of new lighting technologies and to collaborate with the California Energy Commission on lighting standards.

As an advocate for NEMA-funded research to study the impact of light at night on human health, Ms. English has been engaged in various federal and state energy efficiency rulemakings for lighting. She directed the development of the NEMA LE 5 standard for Federal Energy Management Program procurement guidelines and developed NEMA LE 6, which defines a new energy metric for luminaires. Known as Target Efficacy Rating, this metric promotes not only energy efficiency but lighting effectiveness. It was instrumental in providing a balanced approach to energy efficiency and lighting quality in the 2009 federal energy regulations for outdoor luminaires.

Jacob Killinger
Engineer for Electrical Connectors, Terminal Blocks, and Grounding and Bonding Equipment, UL

Jacob Killinger, has been a part of the electroindustry for 35 years, starting as an assistant engineer at UL in 1974. He has made his way up the ranks serving as project engineer, engineering team leader, and group leader. Currently, he is the primary designated engineer for electrical connectors, terminal blocks, and grounding and bonding equipment.

Mr. Killinger has a distinguished record of developing new standards, revising existing ones, and serving on committees that have advanced national, regional and international standards in the electroindustry.

His involvement working with NEMA technical committees has included wire connectors, terminal blocks, panelboards, welding equipment, and proximity switches. He has actively participated on the ANSI C119 committee covering connectors for electric utility application, and also participates on the technical committee of the ASTM and CSA. He has also served on Code-Making Panels 7 and 9 for NFPA.

Regionally, Mr. Killinger has been an active member of CANENA Technical Harmonization Committees for panelboards, enclosed switches, switchboards, and electrical connectors. In the connector area alone, he has participated in the harmonization of North American standards for six separate products.

Internationally, he serves as a technical expert on IEC Subcommittee 23F, Connecting Devices for Household Use, Subcommittee 17B, Terminal Blocks. He is also the convenor for Working Group 1.

Greg T. Nienaber
Senior Vice President of Research and Product Development for Connector Manufacturing Company

Greg T. Nienaber, senior vice president of research and product development, and company officer for Connector Manufacturing Company, has been involved with the electrical connector industry since 1980.

Beginning as design engineer and product test lab manager, Mr. Nienaber’s career spans all facets of the electrical industry and its wide range of products. Working with OEM and utility customer contacts and development projects has given him a vast understanding of product and application challenges.

After working with both UL and CSA on several testing projects, he joined the UL Industrial Advisory Group (now the Standards Technical Panel) in the development of UL486A/486B, 486C, 486D, and 486E electrical connector safety testing standards, along with the CSA subcommittee covering C22.2 No. 65 (1165A) and C57 test standards for utility connector products in Canada.

His work with the NEMA’s Electrical Connector Technical Committee resulted in the standardization of aluminum alloy test conductor, required within the individual product test standards. Those revised requirements are still part of the product test standards.

Other associations include CANENA Technical Harmonization Committee 99; IEC SC23F Technical Advisory Group; ANSI Accredited Standards Committee C119; Standardization and Conformity Assessment Policy Committee; NFPA Technical Committee 70B; NEMA-UL Policy; NEMACSA Forum; and Codes and Standards Committee. He is the current chairman of NEMA’s Electrical Connector Section and chairman of the Electrical Connector Section Technical Committee.

Jim Pauley, P.E.
Vice President, Industry and Government Relations at Schneider Electric

With more than 25 years of electrical industry and management experience, Jim Pauley has influenced the electroindustry and has greatly advanced NEMA’s contributions to standards development within it.

As vice president, industry and government relations at Schneider Electric, he is responsible for directing the company’s North American activities in all facets of industry standards, both domestic and international. He is also responsible for conformity assessment strategy, implementation associated with company products, and company positions on policy issues with federal, state, and local governments.

Mr. Pauley’s current position as chair of NEMA’s High Performance Building Council reflects years of service on NEMA Codes and Standards Committee, Standards and Conformity Assessment Policy Committee, and chair of both the Ground Fault Personnel Protection Section and Low-Voltage Distribution Equipment Section. He has also served as a member of the National Electrical Code® Technical Correlating Committee and as chair of the ANSI Executive Standards Council.

In addition to several leadership positions with ANSI, National Fire Protection Association, IEEE, IEC TC 6, and the International Association of Electrical Inspectors, Mr. Pauley has authored numerous papers and articles for the electrical industry, including “The Electrical Safety System in the United States”, “North American Codes and Standards: A Global Challenge,” “Why Inspections Matter,” and “The Challenge to Increasing Electrical Safety.” Prior to joining Schneider, he was a self-employed electrical contractor and electrician.


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