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Kite & Key 2008 Recipients

David A. Clunie
Chief Technology Officer of Princeton Radiology Pharmaceutical Research (RadPharm)

David A. Clunie, MBBS, FRACR, currently the Chief Technology Officer of Princeton Radiology Pharmaceutical Research (RadPharm), began his affiliation with the DICOM standard in 1996, three years after its official publication. Since then, he has participated in all 26 DICOM working groups. He has also served two full terms as industry co-chair of the DICOM standards committee and has been the sole editor of the standard since at least 1998. Dr. Clunie has testified before various government boards and committees in Washington, D.C.

His history with the standard began when he was the lead designer for DICOM standardization in GE’s Medical Systems Department. In addition to serving as GE’s voting representative on the DICOM standards committee, his duties at GE involved the determination and documentation of the requirements of product groups for new features in the standard, education about implementation of the standard, and standards maintenance and technical editing of standards documents.

Dr. Clunie’s contribution to the DICOM community far exceeds that of any other individual in the history of the standard. His long-term, dedicated, and intensive leadership and personal contributions have helped DICOM become the only standard for medical imaging. Dr. Clunie is, without question, the world’s most knowledgeable person on all things DICOM and an invaluable resource to NEMA members.

Howard L. Wolfman
Director of Industry Relations and Standards for OSRAM SYLVANIA Electronic Control Systems Division

Howard L. Wolfman, PE, director of industry relations and standards for OSRAM SYLVANIA Electronic Control Systems division, has been involved in NEMA in various capacities since 1988. Mr. Wolfman is currently the chairman of the Lighting Systems Division and has chaired both the ballast and lighting controls sections and numerous division committees. He was instrumental in establishing the NEMA Premium® Electronic Ballast Program, the annual NEMA standards and regulatory workshop for the lighting industry in Mexico, and the creation of a harmonized North American ballast standard to serve as a regional IEC standard.

He also represents NEMA’s Lighting Systems Division as chairman of ANSI Committee C82 on control devices and ANSI Subcommittee C82-4 on solidstate lighting drivers. On the international level, Mr. Wolfman serves as technical advisor to the U.S. National Committee for IEC/TC34C and as leader of the U.S. delegation to IEC/TC34. In addition to his NEMA commitments, he serves as a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Standards Board and chairs the Control Protocol Committee for the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America.

Because of Mr. Wolfman’s long and continuous active involvement in and support of NEMA activities and those relating to the lighting industry, NEMA is proud to present him with the Kite & Key Award.

Edward M. Yandek
Manager of Worldwide Standards at General Electric

In Edward M. Yandek’s role as manager of worldwide standards at General Electric, he is responsible for industry standards and technical regulatory activities, specifically in the area of lighting and electronic ballasts. Mr. Yandek’s long history of NEMA work began in 1983 when he led a task force that developed the first Federal Communications Commission regulatory requirements for electronic ballasts. He has been the long-standing chair of the Lamp Section Technical Committee and serves on numerous national and international standardization committees, including the technical management committee of the U.S. National Committee of the IEC. As chairman of the American National Standards Lighting Group (ANSLG), Mr. Yandek has been instrumental in setting that group’s strategic direction. ANSLG oversees management of ANSI and IEC standardization activities for lighting equipment.

He is a recognized technical expert in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and is the Deputy Technical Advisor for U.S. CISPR/F and a member of IEC SC77A WG1. Mr. Yandek represents the lighting industry as a member of the U.S. Coordinating Committee on electromagnetic compatibility, which ensures effective communications and cooperation on horizontal IEC-related EMC issues among all U.S. industries. He is also the chairman of the NEMA EMF Task Force.

Mr. Yandek will soon retire from his professional activities. In recognition of his major contribution to the electroindustry, and lighting in particular, NEMA has awarded him this year’s Kite & Key Award.


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