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Kite & Key 2006 Recipients

George Dauberger
Director and Technical Liaison for Thomas & Betts Corporation

George Dauberger, director and technical liason for Thomas & Betts Corporation, personifies the best attributes of the volunteer leader. As busy as he is with his "day job" handling all manner of codes and standards and world-wide product listing issues for Thomas & Betts, Dauberger has consistently been a person NEMA and the electroindustry could count on to get involved in critical issues-often in a leadership role. He recently completed his term as chairman of the NEMA Codes and Standards Committee, NEMA's final authority on domestic technical matters, and is simultaneously active in numerous other NEMA and non-NEMA industry activities. He is often described as technically knowledgeable, reliable, focused on getting the job done, and a natural consensus builder.

Dauberger has been involved in the electroindustry codes and standards process for 20 years. He is both a participant and leader in nine NEMA product sections participating in domestic, regional, and international standardization. The depth of his contribution to the industry can be easily grasped by reviewing a partial list of his service to NEMA: chairman, Section 5EN (Enclosures); vice chairman, Section 5CT (Cable Tray); past chairman, Section 5FB (Conduit Fittings), Section 5OS (Outlet Boxes) and Section 5PR (Pin and Sleeve); chairman, NEMA Division 5 (Building Equipment Division); member, NEMA Section Affairs Committee; member, NEMA Standards Conformity Assessment Policy Committee; alternate member, NEMA Environmental Affairs Committee; past chairman and member, NEMA/UL Technical Forum; member, NEMA/UL Policy Committee; chairman, NEMA/NFPA Liaison Committee; past chairman, NEMA Oversight Committee of the Field Representatives.

Tom McCausland
Retired President of the Customer Solutions Group of Siemens Medical Solutions

Tom McCausland, recently retired president of the Customer Solutions Group of Siemens Medical Solutions, USA, has served the electrical industry for over 41 years, beginning with Westinghouse, then Siemens Energy and Automation, and finally Siemens Medical Solutions. He served on the NEMA Board of Governors and on the Board of Directors of the Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Therapy Systems Division. He was on that board's executive committee and, for three years, served as its chairman.

Under McCausland's leadership, NEMA secured legislation to privatize FDA inspections of manufacturing facilities making medical equipment. The combination of reforms accomplished during his tenure on the board helped to substantially reduce the time necessary for FDA to clear medical devices for market.

He also spearheaded the writing and publication of a new NEMA Code of Ethics for manufacturers of medical imaging equipment, which will forever influence the way business is conducted with NEMA customers.

McCausland also serves as chairman of the Board of the Siemens Foundation, which provides more than $1 million in college scholarships and awards each year for talented high school students in the U.S. In recent years, he has spoken at the Healthcare Research and Development Institute, the American Hospital Association, the Wharton School of Business at The University of Pennsylvania, the Edison Electric Institute, and the Chicago Economic Club.

As president of the Customer Solutions Group for Siemens Medical, McCausland headed the U.S. operations of one of the most successful divisions of Siemens AG, headquartered in Munich, Germany. His responsibilities included sales, service, and logistics of Siemens Medical Solutions' U.S. business, including medical information technology software, imaging equipment, and medical therapy.

Joseph G. Howley, Jr.
Manager, Industry Relations and Environmental Marketing, GE Consumer and Industrial—Lighting

Joe Howley, manager, industry relations and environmental marketing, GE Consumer and Industrial-Lighting, served as chairman of the NEMA Lamp Section from 1996-98. From 2003-05, he served on NEMA energy and environmental task groups. Howley has provided industry leadership on energy and environmental issues affecting lighting products, including substantial contributions to the development of the tax incentive portion of the 2005 Energy Policy Act.

Howley has consistently supported NEMA's international operations. He has worked with representatives from Mexico and Brazil on a campaign to influence the lighting community in those countries. His public support has greatly enhanced NEMA's effectiveness with its counterparts overseas.

Howley has provided pivotal guidance to NEMA/BIS, the association's economics and forecasting arm. His knowledge of the industry has helped NEMA's economists construct accurate, widely respected statistical programs for lamps and ballasts. Familiar with both the reporting program and public policy issues of concern to the lighting industry, he has facilitated a productive relationship between among NEMA/BIS, government relations, and section activities.

Howley's work on the Energy Policy Act of 2005 Commercial Buildings Tax Deduction was significant and provided a great benefit to the lighting industry. He was responsible for providing leadership on the interim lighting provision that, because of his guidance, became relatively simple to implement. The provision has created an increased market for all lighting manufacturers. He also recently authored a guidance document on behalf of the industry that will help contractors prepare the information needed for tax returns.

Howley has over 23 years of experience with GE and has worked in several different technical marketing and management positions. He is also an instructor on Energy and Environmental Policy at the GE Lighting and Electrical Institute at NELA Park.


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