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Kite & Key 2005 Recipients

Clive W. Kimblin, PhD
Consultant on Applications, Codes, and Standards, Eaton Electrical

Dr. Clive W. Kimblin has been very active in NEMA and the National Fire Protection Association, and has been an IEEE Fellow since 1993. He chaired the NEMA Low Voltage Distribution Equipment Section from 2001 to 2004 and provided staff and members with critical guidance during consolidation of the Molded Case Circuit Breakers, Panelboard and Distribution Board, Switch, and Busway Sections into a single LVDE section. He subsequently chaired the Molded Case Breaker product group and the LVDE Standards and Conformity Assessment Committee.

Kimblin has been a member of the NEMA Codes and Standards Committee since 1995 and has served as vice chairman since 2001.

He has been a member of NFPA since 1992 and has represented NEMA and his industry in the National Electrical Code® process since 1996, serving on code making panel 10, which includes overcurrent protection.

Kimblin has served as a NEMA representative to ANSI/U.S. National Committee Council since 2003, a U.S. Technical Advisory Group delegate to IEC 23E/WG1 since 2000, and a chair of CANENA Working Group 17B/23E since 2002.

Kimblin is also a member of the NEMA/ElectroFederation Canada Industry Advisory Committee on the UL/CSA memorandum of understanding on product testing and certification, which is focused on reducing time and costs for manufacturers to have their products listed for sale in the U.S. and Canada.

He is now a consultant on applications, codes, and standards for Eaton Electrical. Preceding that, he was manager of applications and standards for Eaton Electrical. Kimblin also worked at Holec/Begemann in the Netherlands for five years, and before that was involved in circuit breaker and vacuum interrupter development at the Westinghouse Research and Development Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Kimblin’s colleagues know him as a technical expert on circuit protection products, a skilled speaker, and an advocate for his company and electrical product safety.

Ronald Lai
Senior Director, Global Engineering Services and Standards, FCI USA

Ronald Lai, senior Areva expert and senior director, global engineering services and standards for FCI USA, has been a leading force in the electrical connector industry for 39 years.

Throughout his career, Lai has been involved with the design and testing of connectors ranging from those used in molded case circuit breakers to those used in an 1100 kV substation. He was also responsible for the development of safety labeling, publication of operating and maintenance manuals for FCI products, development and maintenance of technical documentation, and serving on policy-making bodies of product certification agencies. Within North America, Lai is or has been either the chairman, or effectively the leader, of every key standards group for FCI connectors in North America.

Lai is a past chairman of NEMA’s Electrical Connector Section and led the development of NEMA’s CC 1 standard for connectors used worldwide in electrical substations. He is the vice chair of ANSI Accredited Standards Committee C119, Connectors for Electrical Utility Application, and he is also vice chair for two of the subcommittees under C119.

Lai represents NEMA on National Electrical Code® Code- Making Panel 5 for the National Fire Protection Association, is a member of several standards technical panels for Underwriters Laboratories, and is the deputy technical advisor for International Electrotechnical Commission Subcommittee 23F. He serves on AE-8C1 and 8C2 on connectors and terminating devices for the Society of Automotive Engineers, the IEEE Distribution Subcommittee, the International Association of Electrical Inspectors, and the NEMA-UL Policy Committee.

William L. Russell
President and Chief Executive Officer, Eberle Destin

William Russell has been an active member of NEMA’s Transportation Management Systems and Associated Controls Devices Product Group since he joined the industry in 1967. Russell’s extensive experience in leading technology development programs, strategic planning, marketing, and working closely with the private and public sectors, is widely recognized in the industry.

Russell has had a distinguished career working in increasingly responsible positions at companies such as Econolite Controls, Traffic Control Corporation, Peek Traffic USA, Image Sensing Systems, and currently as president and chief executive officer of Eberle Destin in Phoenix, Arizona.

He serves on the board of directors of the Intelligent Transportation Society of America and is the immediate past chairman of NEMA’s Transportation Management Systems and Associated Controls Devices Product Group. In this latter role, he revitalized the product group with aggressive marketing programs and key standardization projects with the U.S. Department of Transportation.


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